The beautiful Zanskar Valley, in the Ladakh region in the Indian Himalayas, preserves its singular authenticity. It was the inspiration behind our first great television adventure, and it was the beginning of Zanskar Productions in 2009. Zanskar Producciones started as an independent company with which we set out to reshape the mountain and adventure documentary genre and open it to a wider audience.

Since then, we have broadcasted on TV over 100 expeditions all over the world, most of them filmed in faraway destinations. Big part of those adventures are starred by mountaineer and adventurer Jesús Calleja, who is the co-owner of the company, along with María Ruiz Calzado, journalist and TV format creator.

We are the experts in creating entertainment based on non-fictional contents, adventures, action based and travel formats; we film at unpredictable scenarios, some examples are “Extreme Challenge”, “Everest Challenge”, “Vertical Challenge”, “Challenge in the Abyss”. We create also programs with celebrities who travel, like “Planeta Calleja”, formats that show the spectacular landscapes from the air, such as “Volando Voy”. All these shows are hosted by Jesús Calleja.

We produce the “personality series” “Scott and Milá”, hosted by the prestigious journalist Mercedes Milá, “El Xef”, with the chef David Muñoz, the  travel series “Maraton Man”, and the talk show “The running show”, both presented by Raúl Gómez, and also ”Río Salvaje”, which portrays the nature of Spain with Kike Calleja.

What all these programs have in common is that they are our own created formats, produced with lots of care, always based on humour, emotions and important values.