El Xef

Young and groundbreaking “enfant terrible” Dabiz Muñoz. With his Mohawk and wooden spike earrings, certainly does not go unnoticed. A meal at his restaurant can last up ro 4 hours and is designed to shock just as much as delight. He describes his food as “brutal”, a “gunshot to your head”, “like porno TV”.

Quite unexpectedly, the food served by Dabiz in the tiny DiverXO restaurant became an overnight gourmet sensation. His restaurant looks more like an amateur art gallery than a Three-Star Michelin Restaurant. Celebrities call months ahead to book a table. After numerous attempts to film his technique, he has finally agreed to share his Peter Pan team’s entire process with a television crew; the cameras will capture this unique chef while he launches internationally.

For the first time on TV, the series portrays the atmosphere of a three-star Michelin, having moments of tension, fun and excitement. The average share was 9.5 and had almost two million viewers per episode.


2 seasons in 2016 and 2017


Cuatro (Mediaset)

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