Scott y Milá

"Scott and Milá." The return of Mercedes Milá to television. Mercedes Milá, more liberated and wiser than ever, analyzes current events with her 40 year plus of experience in television. The most veteran and one of the most prestigious journalist in Spain returns, with the curiosity of a 20 year old woman but the experience of a 67 year old soul, to explore the changes that our society is experiencing and the fast-paced way that we live.

The program is a “personality”, where we see the real Mercedes and her most valuable traits: her private thoughts and her incisive and irreverent vision. Mercedes will seek empathy with young people, the disadvantaged, women, and the problems that concern her and our society.

In each program we strip down, in an entertaining way, human nature in a world full of misery. Mercedes Milá will address a topic every week, immersing herself completely in the life of the people that it affects.


Since 2019


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