Volando Voy

We’re proud to present a rather unique type of show. With spectacular aerial views of country landscapes inhabited by engaging locals that will bond with the host, Volando Voy is a format that combines fun and deep human connection.

The show builds a close connection with the locals, portraying the intensely emotional moment when they get to see their homes from the air for the first time. Adding a different twist to the aerial views’ genre, the show highlights the beauty of rural areas and deeply moving human stories.

Upon landing, the host meets several locals who introduce us to their lives and the area they’re so proud of. These characters will be the ones who will help the host to produce the episodes main mission, one per episode, based on improving in some way the local’s life.

Finally, the host invites everyone in the village to a screening at the main square, where they get to see footage of everything that have been sharing throughout the week.


Since 2016


Cuatro (Mediaset)

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